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Biota “the animal and plant life of a region”

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about us header photo - dog lying in grass being cared for by pet sitter
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A cat being walked in Orangeville Ontario by a pet sitter

Your peace of mind comes from knowing your pet sitter is:

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A Certified Professional Pet Sitter 

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Pet First-Aid Certified

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Background Check Verified

Meet your pet sitter

Raina – Owner | Animal Whisperer

Interesting fact: Went to school for Ecological Restoration and was an ornithologist (worked, studied and watched birds). I am still a huge bird nerd. 

My story
As an animal lover my whole life, I am truly blessed to say that I am finally living my dream! I have had pets from day one. Cats, dogs, fish, a hamster, a bunny, and a snake. I would have a whole zoo in my house if I could. My passion for caring for animals started when my dad rescued and brought home Shiloh, the tiniest kitten living in the streets who was abandoned by his mom. I was taught from the age of 5 or 6 how to properly care for a week old kitten who’s eyes weren’t even open yet. I was a huge stuffed animal lover and you’d often find me putting different stuffed animals in his bed area to make him feel more comfortable and less lonely. My passion continued from there with my other cat Bebe having many litters of kittens and me getting way too attached to all of them! 

It wasn’t until early 2020 I realized you could turn pet sitting into an actual career. Come March 2020, I started fostering a dog through Save Our Scruff and he really secured this idea within that I can care for animals full time. Biota Pet Care was then born!

I am extremely dedicated to making sure my pet and human client family receive the best possible care.

Pet sitter and dog walker walking a dog. Dog is kissing pet sitter
Pet sitter Raina Milnes with her foster dog Jack

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